Center For TMJ Facial Pain

Dr. Bob Grill is Dedicated to The Diagnosis, Treatment & Comfort Of Patients Suffering From TMJ. Treating Patients in Baltimore, Maryland.

Are you, or someone you love, one of
10 Million seeking relief from TMJ/TMD?

Accompanying this disorder is pain that varies from mild and irritating, to chronic and severe. Dr. Grill has treatments for relief. Come to TMJ Facial Pain Center for capable service from compassionate professionals.

Meet our Team

Dr. Robert Grial: TMJ Center for Facial Pain

TMJ Pain Relief

For many people, pain and discomfort resulting from TMJ disorders will go away on their own. For those with more severe conditions, long-lasting symptoms can significantly affect your quality of life.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

The CENTER FOR TMJ FACIAL PAIN of Baltimore are experienced and qualified to treat sleep apnea and diagnose the root causes to help you achieve a more restful night.

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It Starts with a consultation

The first step in treatment starts with an initial consultation with Dr. Grill at the Center for TMJ Facial Pain.

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