How do you treat TMJ/TMD?

Some treatments for TMD/TMJ include muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, biofeedback, or wearing an orthotic appliance in the mouth. However, patients seeking long-term relief should seek the care and advice of a doctor who has years of experience.

Dr. Grill can determine the cause of your symptoms via a thorough the interview/examination process and by conducting a series of diagnostic tests. These tests may include Doppler examinations, CT & MRI scans of the TMJs, mounted study models of the teeth, and X-rays. Proper diagnosis is essential before the appropriate treatment can be recommended – ultimately saving time, suffering, and money by ensuring you receive the treatment appropriate to manage your particular problem.

Dr. Grill only provides nonsurgical treatment of TMJ. However based on the severity or complexity of the case, he may seek helpful advice from other experienced clinicians.